Sunshine in October = A Pond in the Spring

October is nearly over and I am stunned by the weather we have had. I’m frequently in shorts and short-sleeved shirts and playing in the yard.

Several years ago we removed a tree (over 120 feet tall) from our yard to make way for The Hub’s woodshop. Once it was down, the garden that it used to shade went absolutely crazy:
-Daisies once growing two feet tall were now coming up to my waist.
-Vinca which had been well-behaved  was creeping into pathways.
-Everything needed more water – all the time and not getting it.

Additionally, the moles were grabbing my Asian Lily bulbs and the deer seemed to think that we planted the crocuses just so they could nibble the tender little buds off in the night.

This is the year that I had vowed to take control again. I planned to strip everything back to the bones and start anew. The moles had collapsed a pathway and a planter with their tunneling and it was time to bring in some additional fill-dirt to level the garden.

My Lyme Disease is in remission and I have been feeling stronger and have more energy than the past few summers, so I started lifting plant material and potting up the precious ones. I gave some daisy clumps to my mom and stored others in a kiddie-pool. If they make it, great. If not, oh well. My darling girl-child has learned to drive the yard tractor down the hill to the dump-pile and has made countless trips with the trimmings and debris.
Upper Garden Pond
When we first bought the house in The Glen, I told The Hubs that the front bed was begging for a water feature. A big water feature. And now, as we pull out the plant material, it is screaming for a water feature. I’m thinking streambed and water-drops and fish.

My mom introduced me to her friends who have as over-abundance of Koi in their pond. They are sharing them with us. I think this is a sign that we should have another pond in our yard.

We have some friends who are Pond People. My Hubs is a great cook. I am a great organizer. Throw those three things together and we get a great dinner at our house with the Pond People and a dynamic discussion of pond building! Digging commences in the Spring!

In the meantime – I’m still making cards!
Birthday Scooter

Peace and joy to you!


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