Our Anniversary

Some days are just amazing. Wedding anniversaries generally fall into that category and ours is no exception.

It was a day filled with friends and finery and today I spent some time thinking about the people that made that day so wonderful.

Beside the obvious Groom – my thoughts land quickly on our kiddos. All six of them (and their significant others).

There were quiet moments with my two who were nearly 4 and 7 that day. A sweet, silly time with my Mom trying to get my wiggly young daughter’s long hair under control (her as well).

My Little Man kissed me sweetly before he headed off to perform his duties as “Ring Boy”. So serious and careful with golden bands tied to the pillow that my Mom had stitched for us. The plain bands were my wedding gift from The Hubs so that I would have something to wear in the garden instead of my diamond set.

Hubs’ twin sons served as our ushers – handsome and dashing in their tuxedos. gentle and kind in their escorting our guests. One of his daughters helped ride herd over the four grandchildren who were seven and younger. The other daughter, who had a difficult time adjusting to her dad remarrying, came to the wedding. She showed up, it was brave thing for her to do and we were grateful that she was there. In the years that followed, I am so happy to say that she is an active part of our extended family.

The blending of our family has been messy at times – we have referred to ourselves as a Blender Family. It felt like being chopped up and smooshed together. And by God’s grace, we continued on.

Fourteen years later: The Hubs pulls into the driveway early bearing yellow roses and an invitation to dinner out. And me – I’m in my pajama pants and sweatshirt, un-showered and fighting a cold.

It is a great thing that he loves me!

Off to the shower!



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