My Missing Muse

Has anyone seen her? My Muse is missing. You know, that sparky-thing inside of each of us that is creative. Mine has wandered off. See:


She's gone a-wandering.
She’s gone a-wandering.

I think she might be in that mess somewhere, but so far, no luck.

And what is that sparky-thing? I have a theory that as we are created in the Image of God, we are also creators. There is a part in each of us that cries out (or whimpers) to be creative.

My friends know that I don’t cook – not that I can’t – I simply prefer not to cook. I don’t create meals. I have a cousin, though, who is an amazing chef. She can look at a recipe and say, “That sounds good.” She can “taste” what each ingredient will bring to the dish and make adjustments to satisfy her particular preferences. Not me.

My husband is a wood-worker. I can show him something I think is neat and he says, “I can make that.” And then he does. He also cooks, which is why I don’t look like I’m starving. He’s creative.

I have friends whose homes are amazingly bedecked in shabby-chic or eclectic industrial. The Scentsy warmer in the room fill their homes with soft, wonderful fragrances. They create homes that are inviting.

Gardeners, writers, painters, code-writers and animators all create. Moms create. Dads create.

I happen to be experimenting with creating with paper and colored pens. Sounds like grade school, huh? It kind of is for me – a reclaiming of a part that I set down for a while when life was more difficult and demanded more of me.

Perhaps my Muse isn’t missing today, maybe she just took a nap. After all, I got to color today:


Coloring Today

What are you creating with today? Care to share?


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