Monthly Archives: January 2014

Returning to School – sort of

 I am taking an online class in WordPress and have been learning all sorts of new things about the program that I use to support my website/blog. This first week I learned that I really don’t know much about the program.

At first I was scared and embarrassed because I thought I should “know” what I’m doing. There was this old tape playing in my head that went on about not being smart enough, or good enough, or even worthy enough to have my web-stuff and my artwork up on the internet.

There are several hundred people taking this class, scattered all over the globe. Many of these folks are working for not-for-profit companies and have been tasked with managing their company websites. Some folks are taking it to be able to keep the paying job they have because their job description has expanded to include the management of the company website.

There are some who, like me, either have a hobby or a small business they want to promote.

We are all on a boat in the middle of the internet (okay, I know the metaphor is sloppy) trying to get to the same place: competency. I am looking forward to arriving and in the meantime, I’m hanging on tight to my pens and my scissors!


Here’s a little sweetness I whipped up for dear friends who recently lost their Pup.

Puppy LossPuppy Loss Inside