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My Missing Muse

Has anyone seen her? My Muse is missing. You know, that sparky-thing inside of each of us that is creative. Mine has wandered off. See:


She's gone a-wandering.
She’s gone a-wandering.

I think she might be in that mess somewhere, but so far, no luck.

And what is that sparky-thing? I have a theory that as we are created in the Image of God, we are also creators. There is a part in each of us that cries out (or whimpers) to be creative.

My friends know that I don’t cook – not that I can’t – I simply prefer not to cook. I don’t create meals. I have a cousin, though, who is an amazing chef. She can look at a recipe and say, “That sounds good.” She can “taste” what each ingredient will bring to the dish and make adjustments to satisfy her particular preferences. Not me.

My husband is a wood-worker. I can show him something I think is neat and he says, “I can make that.” And then he does. He also cooks, which is why I don’t look like I’m starving. He’s creative.

I have friends whose homes are amazingly bedecked in shabby-chic or eclectic industrial. The Scentsy warmer in the room fill their homes with soft, wonderful fragrances. They create homes that are inviting.

Gardeners, writers, painters, code-writers and animators all create. Moms create. Dads create.

I happen to be experimenting with creating with paper and colored pens. Sounds like grade school, huh? It kind of is for me – a reclaiming of a part that I set down for a while when life was more difficult and demanded more of me.

Perhaps my Muse isn’t missing today, maybe she just took a nap. After all, I got to color today:


Coloring Today

What are you creating with today? Care to share?


My Favorites

Why does this happen? I place an order with one of my favorite stamp companies and the next day  they announce their new stamps. Its as if my Order Confirmation triggers an email from their Let’s Make Them Want More Department showing me all the sweet things I can create if I had “This Stamp”.


One of my all-time favorite companies is Paper Smooches Stamps – Kim Hughes. I saw her stamps featured in a Paper Crafters magazine and knew I wanted some of those stamps and a subscription to the magazine. I got both – I ordered stamps and Bob gave me a subscription for my birthday last year.

I like Kim’s style – whimsical and very “layer-able”. She has several duet-dies designed to match up with her stamp sets.

She also ships crazy-fast. I placed an order with her one morning, got an immediate confirmation email and then got another email about an hour later saying that the order had shipped. My heart was beating fast, my head was spinning and my palms were sweating in anticipation of an unexpectedly early arrival of my latest tools.

So, What is your favorite stamp company? Share a link and let me know why you like it.

Christmas, already?

I spent part of the day today trying not to “over-process” the process of creating this space. Not having a background in anything remotely technical, I have been hounding my Sweet Friend about what to do next. She is patient and kind – she is Love and I am grateful for her.

That being said, I shut off my Mini-Geek-Brain and worked at my desk today. There are a few cards for family celebrations (birthdays and anniversaries) this month that I have started on and Christmas really is around the corner.

Christmas 1

Here’s a little something I worked on this morning.


It’s about time!

I’ve been thinking about blogging for a while and finally (with the help of some sweet friends and patient family members) I’m launching PaperClip Cards’ website. Come along with me on an adventure that began in heartache and morphed into something that takes my breath away, challenges me and makes me giggle just a bit.  Please allow me to share my designs and a bit of my heart with you.

Always 1

Weddings were keeping me busy this summer.